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We are going public. Be a part of the journey.

Bluevale PACIFIC is our pre-initial public offering (IPO) entity with an aim of going public in 2023. Unlike a traditional REIT, our focus will be to continuously build the AUM of the company to increase investor returns.

Why go public? Why not REIT?

REIT's have gained popularity in the last 20 years and are a great platform for stabilized, core assets. By definition however, their returns must be distributed in the form of dividends that cap overall growth.

Our priority is to focus on the higher returns generated by value-add assets, and in reinvesting profits into securing more assets. This will fuel exceptional and risk-adjusted growth in a way a traditional REIT cannot deliver.

  • More flexibility in revenue recognition. Stronger focus on profit re-investing compared to dividend growth.

  • Tangible growth of revenue pipeline and market values over NAV directly drive share price.

  • IPO return was 80%+ for real estate companies in 2020 compared to 16% across all industries over the same time period.

Learn how to partner with us.

Early investors in the initial $25M capital raise will have access to seats on Bluevale’s Board of Directors, performance-related fees and liquidation preferences.

Bluevale is looking for LP/GP sponsors to consolidate future projects. To learn more about how you can become a Bluevale LP/GP investor, reach out.

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